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Ville Vilen

Ville Vilén (1963). Master of Arts in Education.
Creative Director (Yle) since 2011.
Member of the Management Group since 2006.
Key work experience: Director of Programming at Yle, Yle Vision (director of Yle's radio strategy and new services; responsible for children's programmes, youth programmes, popular music, popular culture, entertainment) in 2006–2010; Director of Programming, Radio Suomi in 2005–2006; Director of Programming, YleQ in 2004–2005; Director of Programming, YleX in 2003–2005; Head of Music, Radiomafia in 1998–2003; freelance editor, Länsi-Savo in 1995–1998; comprehensive school teacher, Savonlinna in 1991–1992; editor, Radiomafia and Radio Savonmaa in 1990–1998.

Key positions of trust: Savonlinna Opera Festival, council member, 2015–present; Nose Day Foundation, member of the Board of Directors, 2012–present; Helsinki Music Centre, member of the Board of Directors, 2011–present; Pori Jazz, member of the Board of Directors, 2008–present.