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monika bileskyte

A futurist with an artist's eye and an inventor’s mind, Monika Bielskyte prototypes culturally diverse, socially and environmentally engaged future world designs for the entertainment industry, technology companies, and cities. A large part of her time is devoted to research and strategy in the immersive media technology space (Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality). Monika's work consists in connecting bleeding edge technological innovation with some of the world's most original creative visions.

Monika Bielskyte's clients include major Hollywood & entertainment figures (Ridley Scott Associates, Alex McDowell, Sam Esmail, Guy Laliberte), iconic media brands (Universal, BBC), technology leaders (CERN, Intel, Telefonica, Google), design companies (Rick Owens, Aston Martin) and governments (UAE).

She is also a co-founder of ALLFUTUREEVERYTHING, an agency & a platform for prototyping futures.