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martti helde

Martti Helde was born in a small borough in Mid-Estonia. His grandfather, who was a vicar, was the one to shape his world view. Martti had his first try at filmmaking when he was 16 and the result caused plenty of uproar both in local media and politics.

Martti has behind him directing studies at Baltic Film and Media school, stage directing at Higher Drama School and directing and screenwriting courses both in Europe and USA. He has directed over 200 TV commercials, 7 short films and Black Nights Film Festival opening trailers for several years in a row.

Martti’s first feature film “In The Crosswind” has traveled more than 60 festivals around the world including Toronto International Film Festival, Goteborg, Sarajevo, Tallinn Black Nights and Palm Springs.

Martti is a highly valued young director with an open worldview and courageous creations. He loves people and awaking their dreams.