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kristen davis

Kristen Davis’ strengths are discovering and leveraging new technologies and techniques and using them to resolve problems or turn great ideas into reality. She has lead teams across Europe, the US, Asia, and the Middle East. She has also worked with the New York Times International as their IT Director and headed up an intrapreneurial Innovation & Development Lab funded by Google. Prior to moving to France Kristen worked for Ziff-Davis APN in Australia and for Future Publishing in the UK.

Kristen Davis is trilingual - speaking English, French, and Geek - naturally pragmatic, practical, curious, and loves discovering the world with her backpack whilst meeting people and exploring cultures. She thrives in new environments and periods of change that feed her constant desire to learn and evolve. Kristen is an ambassador for women in tech, Secretaire for Quelques Femmes du Numérique, and on the US board of APOPO HeroRats who help rid the world of landmines and TB. Follow Kristen for tech, innovation, disruption, gender, & media updates: @daviskris10