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Guido van nispen

Guido van Nispen’s privileged position in governance, advisory, and investment roles inside powerful, both seasoned and young, innovative and market-leading organisations and networks exposes him to many industry trend and player, and pads his network with a roster of interesting and influential contacts.

Guido prefers working in social enterprise environments as that offers the opportunity to put real change into action in a sustainable way whilst creating a solid business.

As CEO of ANP Guido created one of the most efficient news agencies and increased digitalisation and entry into the SaaS-based BtB market of news and information management. A dynamic area with substantial growth potential. ANP is the largest independent BtB news and information supplier to all Dutch media and organisations in public and private sectors. Next to news and information, ANP supplies integrated tools and content that helps customers with itinerary setting, analysing, monitoring, and producing content.

Guido is furthermore among other on the supervisory board of Triodos Cultuurfonds and Schouwburg Amstelveen and Advisor to the Dutch Council for Culture. Guido is active as jury /mentor and expert roles for activities and organisations. These activities give Guido the opportunity to have an insight at the frontiers of finance, media and technology developments and to spot talent.

Guido was one of the fund managers of the Dutch Creative Industry Fund investing seed funding software companies with Sanoma, Telegraaf Media Group, V-Ventures, and IDG Netherlands participating as equity partners.

Guido held several executive and director positions, in different European countries both in general and venture management and consulting among other with BT.

Parallel to his commercial roles Guido has held non-for-profit Board positions at the Amsterdam Crossmedia Week foundation (PICNIC festival), Lift-conference, MINDS International and IPAN the interactive professionals organisation of The Netherlands.