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barak berkowitz

Over his career, Barak has been at the cutting edge of consumer technology and has been critical to the success of both global brands and impactful start-ups.  From personal computers to artificial intelligence, over the last three decades, Barak has shown an amazing ability to identify and influence trends that have changed the world.

Barak started his technology career in 1981 as the head of Macy’s Computer Stores, the first national consumer computer chain in the world.  In 1985 he was recruited from Macy’s by Apple Computer to head up its efforts in consumer marketing programs.  Later he headed-up State and Local Government marketing and led marketing for The Apple Advanced Technology Group’s “Paradigm” project.  “Paradigm” spun out of Apple as General Magic.

In 1990 Barak moved to Apple Japan where he created and implemented Apple Japan’s channel strategy.  During Barak’s four years in Apple Japan, its sales grew from $200mm to $2bl.  After returning to the U.S. in 1994, Barak became the EVP and General Manager of Logitech Americas leading their consumer efforts in the Americas and Asia.

In 1996 Barak joined the internet revolution as VP of Marketing of Infoseek and then become the EVP of and GM at the GO network, the Disney web portal.

In 1999 Barak co-founded OmniSky, the handheld wireless internet innovator, which foreshadowed the iPhone.  OmniSky grew to 600 employees in under a year and a half.  OmniSky went public in 2000 and was later was acquired by Earthlink.

In 2002 Barak joined the board of Six Apart, the global leader in blogging software.  In 2003 he became their CEO and led Six Apart’s growth with leading blogging products that included Typepad, Vox, Movable Type, and Live Journal.

This decade Barak led two successful consumer AI companies.  In 2010 he became the Managing Director of Wolfram Alpha the “Computational Knowledge Engine”.  In 2012 joined the Cambridge England based True Knowledge as it’s CEO.  Soon after joining True Knowledge it changed its name to Evi, to focus on its virtual personal assistant who was later Amazon and is the core in Amazon Alexa.

Barak is currently the Director of Operations and Strategy at the MIT Media Lab as well as a consultant, advisor, and investor in many start-ups.